I have had the privilege of asking most young persons what they want in life and it may interest you to know that a lot of them have mind blowing dreams, with the big picture of  who they truly want to be in mind.

And just when I go further into asking them what they are currently doing to achieve what they want, I become disappointed because the replies I get baffles me.

While some give insignificant and unjustifiable response, others seem to be pointing accusing fingers at the appropriate time, properly so called.

A young lady came to me one day and said Coach I am really inspired by what you do and want to do something similar and I said that’s great. You can even do much more. I briefed her of the things she could start doing to get there. I informed her of a master class worth #25,000 that would be of great worth to her and she sighed ..What? With great exclamation.. No that’s huge. It’s not for me. I have lots of things I want to use money for. I do not have such money. Even if I have, certainly not for that class.

Ohh!! I watched her closely with great shock seeing all her exclamations and response.

And then I said to her, girl… You do not want to do what I do. Therefore, this brings me to what I wish to talk about which is “Your value Your goldmine”

What are your values? Do you know  what you want? What do you consider most important to you? Are your values consistent with what you want? Or better put, what you are currently doing now, are they in consonance with what you want for yourself?

You keep appreciating and admiring the works of others and want to be like them. Great! When will others start admiring and appreciating yours? Do you really want to climb the pinnacle of greatness  like others? Are you ready to make the sacrifices they make? Will you stretch yourself beyond those limits? Are you willing to do that which is consistent with what you want?

Further in your journey of life, there is the story of becoming. However, there is a process you must go through to become who you want to be and what takes you there is how much you respect your values. How much you truly do what is most important to what you want.

You want to show me how you badly need something? You want to get to the highest point of what you need?

Then, you must be consistent in doing what is most important to achieving what you want. You must be ready to stretch yourself, ready to leave the comfort zone, and get all the necessary tools needed for who you want to become.

This is value.-Your value could be your profitable economic venture. Evolve and un-apologetically do so!!

Get all the tools necessary and in line with what you want.

In conclusion, your value your goldmine!!!!



Precious Idahor is a certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming and Results Coach. She helps people to make their efforts be in congruence with their results. She is also the Executive Director of Women of Great Minds and Virtue(WGMV) and the convener of SHERO

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  1. Nicholas Etsu

    Nice piece Coach P.I.
    Many people pay more attention to the results of successful people than the processes they’ve gone through. They prefer to talk about the processes rather than engage in them; admire the results and wish that it happens to them like magic.
    #Achieving value consistently at the stipulated cost.

    1. Precious

      Success is never accidental. Thank you for your beautiful comment sir.

  2. Endurance

    I enjoyed reading this piece… Keep inking!

    1. Precious

      Thank you Endurance Victor for reading through and finding value.

  3. Precious A

    Great one coach P.I, it really all about becoming who you really want to be, no one should joke with her/her value, is so precious like diamond, gold that you wouldn’t want a scratch on it, so go for what you really value in life

    1. Precious

      Yes Precious. Thank you for reading through and finding value.

  4. Omoregie Charity

    This is Amazing.God Bless you Ma

    1. Precious

      Thank you Charity for getting value.

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