A little child was not born walking

He learnt to walk.

Do you know how many times he had to fall before he started to walk?

Several times right?  Yes.

Did he stop to learn how to walk?  No

So why?

Why did you stop learning?

Why did you stop trying?

Why do you have to neglect that business?

Why do you think there are some things you can’t do?

Why have so much limiting beliefs?

Oh…..it’s not working?  Really??


I guess the child also stopped to learn how to walk.


Dear,  keep on learning… No stopping!!


Limiting decisions can prevent you from moving powerfully forward and actualizing your full potential.

There is so much you can do.

You’ve carved a niche for yourself and you think that’s all there is to do.

Do you know you can have several niches..?

Be the very best you can be

You have one life

You can’t afford to play small”



Precious Idahor is a certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming and Results Coach. She helps people to make their efforts be in congruence with their results. She is also the Executive Director of Women of Great Minds and Virtue(WGMV) and the convener of SHERO

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  2. Grace ijeomah

    Well done sis, keep up the great job and all the best.

    1. Precious

      Thank you Grace. I’m glad you got value from the article.

  3. Omoregie charity

    This is amazing Ma,God bless you.

    1. Precious

      Thank you for the feedback dearest. God bless you too.

  4. Esther

    This is really amazing
    I’m so happy for you dear
    keep growing and glowing

    1. Precious

      Thank you ma’am. I’m glad you love it. Amen to your prayers.

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