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What if Nigeria breaks up?

The Nigerian Federal Government has declared Delta State an emergency zone due to the flood that have taken over the state for the past few days before October 1st 2018. Bayelsa State not being left out of the yearly flood visitor has also declared that all schools in the state be shut down due to the flood. It has been reported that 34 out of the 36 States in Nigerians are currently undergoing this ugly moment called flood that have deprived many the opportunity to go about their daily routine. The Imo State Governor, Owele Okorocha has asserted that it is raining acid in the state. Such is the level of flood that has overtaken our nation a week to the 58th independence day celebration of the country such that one is compelled to ask whether the heaven, and the powers beneath the earth have connived to punish us for our sin. Maybe God is tired of the nation called Nigeria and has decided to send us signal just like the days of Noah in the holy scripture when those that refused to follow Noah into the ark were made to face the wrath of the Almighty Creator via flood, for failure to turn a new leaf by following Noah. If not that God has promised not to destroy the world via flood again, one will not be wrong to assert that God has raised another Noah in Nigeria, with one ark somewhere, and with a divine plan that Nigeria will not survive this flood, at least if this acidic flood that has become an annual festival in different part of the country does not lead to the destruction of the country soonest, one do not need a rocket scientist to be able to conclude that the flood of corruption, political shenegigan and improglio, leadership failure, economic degredation, religious and ethnic ember, thugery, hooliganism, Godfatherism, et al will soon announce our fall like that of the biblical wall of Jericho.


The question is, at 58 where do we go from here? Our father is 58 years, with 36 children and 774 grand children, all who are poverty embellished, (except our fortunate brother, Called Lagos),such that without our father releasing Paris bail out fund, 35 out of the 36 children will die of hunger, isn’t it time the children like the son of the richest man in Babylon leave their father, go outside the comfort zone, take the bull by the horn, and become self sufficient and financially independent, until the children attain this, maybe via a break up, maybe via a restructuring, maybe via any other means, Nigeria will continue to be the caricature of the giant of Africa it has been.

THE Golden ERA-At a time, there was light at the end of the tunnel.

The only source of hope one could have from our history for the past 58 years is that at a time, things were better. At a time NCE students were being paid for daring to go to school and become teachers, and not today that even Medical Students are told to go and learn some petty skills, not because there are no sick people again in Nigeria, but because the Government could not employ enough hands from medical school for housemanship to treat the sick.
At a time in our history, University students were treated as the pride of the nation, with job readily available for them upon graduation, and not today that the only time graduates could be said to have been gainfully employed is during the compulsory one year NYSC. We are talking of that golden era of 1979-1983, when a naira was equivalent of 60 dollar and 90 pounds, a time when the Naira was of more value than dollar and pounds, a time when Nigeria was the true giant of Africa, when the country was a cynosure of all eyes in the international community and the big brother within the Africa Commonwealth.
One could also talk of that time in our sojourn when there was no federal allocation to the subordinate units, when the different regions were given a sense of regional autonomy, when Free Universal Basic Education was not just the dividend of being a westerner but also the order of the day in Eastern Nigeria, Northern Nigeria and even in the Mid-West. A time when the government of the smallest region, the mid-west could sponsor about 300 of its indigenes for oversea scholarship annually without federal government allocation.

It was a time in our history when there was no oil boom as we have it today, when the the states have the burden to generate their revenue and remit just 20% to the Central Governement, and not today when the Federal Government preside over the states commonwealth, only to share 13% derivation fund to the oil producing states.

Yes, there was such time in our history when the Niger Bridge was built within thirteen months, and not today when it is difficult for the government to lay the foundation of the second Niger bridge within eighteen years. A time when the only source of revenue was agriculture and taxation, yet one could talk of the dividend of democracy such as the 26 story cocoa house in Ibadan, the Western Nigeria Television Authority, being the first of its kind in Africa, the Ikeja Airport Hotel, the Ifon Ceramics, Oluwa class in Igbokoda, Okitipupa Oil Palm mill, Oduwa Textile Industry, a network of road across the western region,the creation of the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University, all at a time there was no oil revenue in the then western region led by Chief Obafemi Awolowo of blessed memory.

One could continue in this manner and talk of the phenomenal achievement of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Dr. Michael Okpara in Eastern Nigeria, where by 1964, the Eastern region was already touted as the fastest growing economy in the world by research reports commissioned by the World Bank and by Harvard University in the United States.


The foregoing are what make Nigeria the giant of Africa during independence and during the second republic, the foregoing are convincing enough that ours has not always been that of doom but that there was a time there was light at the end of the turnel, a time independence was independence and not today where we are under another form of colonialism by the minority elite politicians, a form of neocolonialism by the minority elites who will never concede to restructuring the country in the manner at which we have it as it was in the beginning, because the current structure is best designed to milk their personal koffa, the elites talk of getting into power than restructuring the country in a way that the states can be independence without reliance of federal government bail out fund.


Then the next option is a radical one, at least desperate time demands desperate measures, what if Nigeria breaks up into smaller nations, and just as the biblical nation of Israel we sing to your tent oh Israel. A break up from this Union of 58 years might not be easy to talk about but it could be the only option out of Egypt if Pharaoh decides to remain insensitive to the plight of the children of God, whom the plans God have for them is that of good and not of evil.
The mentioned of the word break up make the speaker to be unpatriotic in the eyes of the purported patriot, a man at 58 that have his children still relying on him for daily needs, is of course a falure of a father, supplying the children needs with such glee and failing to teach them on how to fish shows the slavery mentality of such a father .


Until we come back to the drawing board, and restructure this country in a way that the states become more autonomous with internal financial reliance, when the 36 children are financially bouyant to take care of their 58 years old father, a break up may become desirable just as the former USSR, where the smaller nations that emerged from such break up are doing better today than their former union.
A break up Nigeria could see that Eastern Nigeria(Biafra) emerging as the Industrial and Commercial Hubs of Africa while the North(Arewa Republic) could successfully carve and niche for itself as the Agricultural Hub of the world, a Niger Delta Republic could emerge from such a divorce and become the technological and maritime wonder of the century, the West(Odua Republic) leveraging on the Lagos topography could continue to maintain its commercial and political importance in the committee of nations.


Such a break up become desirable at 58 most especially where the elites that benefit from the current lopsided political structures designed to favour them decides to remainpersonality insensitive and only pursue their personal ambitions, but where their is the will power and good conscience, or maybe when God decides to remember us and send us a Nehemiah that could rebuild the broken wall of Jerusalem,or a Daniel that could take us out of this captivity, then restructuring,economically, politically et all, such that states are allow to own their natural resources and remit some percent to the federal government becomes the first option, but then, in the absence of such restructuring where one could talk of financial independence for the different states, then to your tent oh Israel will become Uhuru, and where both restructuring and a break up of this union become a harculean task to achieve, there could be another option, the option of asking God to renege from his promise of not destroyin the world with flood again like the days of Noah, the option of begging God to change this flood that has become an annual festival in this country to that of Noah and save us from this movie oftitles Sodom and Gomorah titled Nigeria. of Sodom and Gomorah titled Nigeria.

Peter Nyronvwo Komiti.
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