Life is not always fair. Life comes with numerous pains and agony and we can’t deny the fact that you and I have gone through extremely excruciating pain in the past and present.

Every pain has a source and until you understand and identify the root cause and source of your pains, beauty and transformation remains only but a dream.

To lose both parents at a very tender age is a great pain. To lose the bread winner and get thrown into poverty and agony is unexplainable.

To be emotionally abused and traumatized ranks one of the top reasons suicides is on the rise.

Have you lost a job in a harsh economy?

Have you been jilted by a trusted partner or cheated on that you gave up on love and even life at large?

Have you been studying a course you do not have any interest in?

Are you in a job you hate and you are just managing rather than thriving?

Are you frustrated with life and all that comes with it because it looks like your mates are excelling more than yourself?

Has your family turned on you because they feel you are the odd man out and the least achiever who probably has nothing to offer or amount to in life?

Were you raped by a stranger or even a close family member at a tender age and the trauma keeps hunting you?

Have you given up on living a good life because your pains are too many and you feel like they aren’t going away?

Have you felt pain before? I am not talking about the kind that is expelled with the aid of drugs. Have you really felt pain?

Have you lived in pain so much that it was the air in your nostrils. Did you ever think to take the oxygen mask off your face?

Have you been in so much pain that you could not even discuss your pains and grievances with other people?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, you’ve got to pay apt attention to every words on this page because they will lead you to the solution and blissful life that you desire!

 Going from pain to beauty is no mean feat; in fact, many people live and die with agony and pain in their mind.

Not everyone found the solution to their pain and many people died without a better life.

I’m pretty sure that you do not want to be like these people who lived through pain and had nothing to show for it.

We’ve all been victim of pain and agony at one point or another in our lives but how we deal with it and manage the pain is what differentiates the victors from the victims.

I can guaranty that if you follow every words on this page and take the necessary action, not only will you find solutions but you’d turn your pain to beauty effortlessly and also help other people live joyous and happy life.

Even if you’ve given up on life and think you have it worst on earth, you will thrive when you take desired action.

Many people who are committing suicide resort to taking their life not because they are extremely wicked people but because they’ve endured pain for too long that they could no longer continue to live every day of their life in pain.

They reached their elastic limit and felt taking their own life was the solution to end their pains. Don’t blame them; blame the pains and agony that took life out of them.

You don’t want to get to the point of being suicidal and depressed before you learn how to manage your pains and turn them to beauty.

Imagine for a moment that you are able to identify the sole reason and cause of your pains and agony.

Think about the possibilities when you are equipped with the right information necessary to deal with your pains?

Imagine you have the proven blueprint that has helped hundreds of people turn their pain around and live a successful life regardless of the challenges they face.

Imagine a world where all your current pain become things of the past and you are excelling at everything you laid your hands upon?

Even if your case is the worst in the whole world (Somebody out there is going through more pains than you are experiencing now), there are proven ways and strategies that turns your pains to beauty.