What People Say About Us

These past two days have been awesome. I have received a life changing teachings from someone I respect so much (Coach P.I). I am really grateful for your contribution in my self development. You all should try her therapy and coaching classes and see the positive impact it will have in your Life.
Emmanuel O Ogbebor
I have been dealing with depression for the past eight years. I have tried being happy but all to no avail. During the therapy, I concentrated and felt the things that brought happiness, fulfillment, joy, peace and contentment to me. I felt connected with them. After the session, I made a conscious decision to be happy always because happiness is mine. Whenever I want to feel sad, I will think about what brings me happiness, joy, peace, fulfillment and contentment and it will be so. Thank you for working with me Coach Precious.
Coach P.I is phenomenal and down to earth with her teachings and real live practical classs. she is result oriented
Ray Sagacious Ashia
Web developer/Blogger
Coach Precious Idahor A busy young lady that still has time to listen when ever I call. She is intelligent, smart, calm, soft spoken and collected! I remember the first day I chatted with her on Facebook, going through her profile, photos, etc, I felt she won't even reply my message but to my surprise she replied, I was surprised because I know of some persons of her kind, who won't even accept your request forming busy, she was different. After chatting with her on Facebook, we met, she always creates time no matter how busy she is/was. Full of encouragement, a warm smile she puts on. A woman with a golden heart. February 5th is a day I will never forget. I almost lost my sanity. I was referred to her by my uncle who was concerned about me. On September 8th 2018,though she was busy but later I had a therapy session with her. During the session, I began to reason in some way as she spoke, she said I had a thousand reasons I shouldn't be depressed about what I was going through. I began to see d light coming towards my direction. Till now her voice still speaks in my head. It drives out sadness whenever the thought comes to mind. She is understanding, calm, counts her words slowly so you would get the message she's trying to pass. She has been a wonderful sister & friend. I can boldly say Coach Precious Idahor has made an impact in my life! Her rewards awaits her.
A client with unknown identity.