If there is any topic I am desperately inspired to talk about and address in our society, it is the ugly, undesirable and endemic issue of RAPE.

Little wonder the undeniable drive with which I created a platform for Ladies/Women. Thus, underpinning my unquenchable passion for young ladies/Women, and their plight in reaching the peak of life.

Over the years, and since slice bread, nothing drives perspiration down my spine, nothing drops a bitter and painful pill in my mouth than the news of a person of the female gender being sexually battered, harassed and intimidated by men, young or old.

Stories of rape in our society abound every now and then such that it is gradually becoming a norm, a non- disturbing and a non-shocking news in most parts of Nigeria to hear that a girl child or lady had been raped. This could better be understood in the light of the fact that over 65% of rape issues in Nigeria are unreported, underscoring the nonchalant attitude of the media, security and intelligence agencies in eliminating rape in Nigeria.

The undeniable fact that children below the age of four and five, children that have not attained the age of puberty, and thus without physical attraction but just flat chest, are often than not victims of rape, makes the rape narrative the ugliest of occurrences, demanding an emergency approach laced with a hot pursuit of a solution.

What else could be more dehumanizing and annihilating than raping a child at the age when she has no gut to say no, where she lacks the will power and capacity to fight and protect herself. When she does not understand what has happened to her, talk less of communicating same for further protection.

What else could be more instrumental in self image annihilation and destruction than unlawful carnal knowledge of the girl child, an offence in black letters, written by the male folks such that it is the most complicated offence to prove, the process of which puts the girl victim in further ridicule before the world, thus the apathy in trying rape cases in Nigeria.

A sexually battered young girl grows into becoming a battered young lady who in turn grows into a battered woman, a battered wife and mother, destined to produce and raise a battered family and a battered nation. Rape the girl child and you have successfully raped a nation. A sexual assault targeted against the girl child is a time bomb soon to be exploded into a national disaster.

Have you ever asked why there are more young women who carry baggages of their past everywhere they go locked up in their dark shells. Such is the wonder and glaring effect of sexual harassment, so disheartening and non – heartwarming.

I bleed daily each time I hear news of rape.

Because each time a young girl is raped, a generation is affected. Extrapolating this to the millions of rape cases gives an idea of the enormous ripple effect.

To effectively curb the menace of rape and throw it into the trash bin of history requires taking a holistic view at the cumulative factors that causes rape, and thus evolve a cumulative panacea. Starting such with the Parents via a note will not be out of place.


Please parents nurture your girl child, do not wait for your child to just mature and by accident climb the pinnacles of greatness.

Train up your girl child in the way she should go and when she is old, she will be unable to depart from it.

It has never been awkward, neither is it now, to communicate heart to heart to your girl child at age 5-8.

What are you hiding from her?
What do you want to hide that she will eventually not have knowledge of later?
A sexual education acquired under your comfortable roof, is better than the one acquired under another man’s roof tainted with a bitter experience.

I remember having a session with a young lady who told me the mum was not always around when the pastor was having carnal knowledge of her.

She was scared to tell her parents because she felt they won’t believe her.

Parents please listen to your children when they speak. Their silence and calmness at times is a way they communicate. Listen even when they are not talking.
Listen to their verbal and non verbal actions. Know when they are fine and when they are not.

These children are too precious to go through this kind of torture at a very tender age.

Inform them about sex early: Yes, please do inform them. If you don’t, someone else will and it might be in a very bad way.

Love them so dearly: Make your girl child know that you love them and respect them. Love them enough that when they hear those words outside, it won’t be news to them anymore.
Tell them reasons why they should maintain their self worth and dignity.

Your love for them can deeply affect the love they have for themselves and that can go a long way in helping them have a healthy self esteem.

Don’t be an absentee parent; be always available for your children. Irrespective of how busy your schedules may be, create time to be with them. Live in such a way that you’re always there when they have a need. It could be psychological, emotional, spiritual or financial need. Take time to know and understand them individually. Get to know their gifts, strengths, passion, weaknesses, and provide opportunities for them to grow and glorify God in and with their gifts. Monitor their progress and be always quick to encourage than to criticize.


I Precious Idahor, celebrate you. I celebrate your beauty, strength and vigour. I respect you and love you from the deepest part of my heart.

How I wish I can hug you just so you know how much I care about you. I believe in you. I believe in your abilities and potentials. I believe in what you can do. I believe in your dreams. Trust me, you will get there.

You are SHERO(Superlatively outstanding, Heroine, Exquisite, Renaissance and Overtly priceless)

I stand with the girl child.

And to the larger Society, join me, and together let us believe in the abilities and potentials of the girl child.
The future of our nation remains with them, a society free of sexually harassed ladies, is one not too far from the biblical new Jerusalem.

The girl child is not disadvantaged, She is advantaged. There are not some things she cannot do, There are many things she can do in a society free from rape.

She has a lot that she can do. She can do all things she set her heart to do.

She is more…more than she ever thinks she is.



Precious Idahor is a certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming and Results Coach. She helps people to make their efforts be in congruence with their results. She is also the Executive Director of Women of Great Minds and Virtue(WGMV) and the convener of SHERO

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  4. Christian

    Oh, lovely. We stand and preach against such evil in the society. We teach the young ones all they need to know. We teach to be responsible, disciplined. I pray for everyone harrased, you will find hope because there is hope. I say to the fearful, be bold.
    God bless you Precious

    1. Precious

      Amen and Amen.
      Thank you so much Sir Christian.
      There is hope indeed!

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  6. folorentorium

    I always was concerned in this topic and still am, thankyou for posting.

    1. Precious

      Thank you @folorentorium.com for reading through. I’m glad you got value.

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