It’s just 5 minutes! I said to myself when I woke up this morning.

The very loud alarm ringtone woke me up at exactly 5:00am, which is my usual wake-up time in order to beat Lagos traffic and get to the office at most 7am before my office opening hour (8am).

I woke up at 5am sharp but was still feeling sleepy and drowsy, almost like the sleep was calling me for a second round. I then decided to sleep for another 5mins saying to myself ‘well, it’s just 5mins(that won’t kill me)”. While still struggling with the sleep, I reassured myself that I’ll get up at 5:05am

Fortunately, I got up exactly 5:05, washed my teeth, took my bath and got dressed for work. All these took place within 30mins which was the usual time for me to do that. The time was exactly 5:35am when I left the house as against the usual 5:30am.

By my calculation, I felt I would get to work 7:05am as against the usual time of 7:00am since I used 5mins of my time to sleep some more.

Can I shock you?
Yeah I will..

Surprisingly that day, I got to work 9:00am.
Your guess is as good as mine.

Of course I was shocked, disappointed and sad.

I was more worried and hard on myself not because I would get a quarry from my boss, or because I couldn’t come up with the excuse of traffic, but because I knew it could have been better if I got up from my “comfortable bed” at exactly 5:00am.
I saved 5mins and lost 2 whole hours on the road.
I gave an excuse of 5mins and lost almost all my time on the way, doing nothing.
My dear friend, what about you? Are you like me?

What excuse are you giving now as to why you cannot do that thing you are supposed to be doing already?

Your wanting to play football a little or maybe gist with your friends for a while instead of you to be preparing for your forthcoming jamb(exams) which might cause or save you another whole year of staying at home.

What are you using your 5mins for?

What are you using your day, week, month and year for?

No matter how valid and perfect your reasons are for not doing what you are meant to be doing, that will not change your result. It is not reasons that produce result but the right action.

I used my 5mins to sleep which is valid enough but I still got the result for not putting my 5mins into the right use.

Life is not a respecter of valid excuses, you get out of life what you give to it.
Success is based on principles and those principles must be followed strictly to get the results that you need.

I hope this resonates with you. If it does, let me get your comments contributions and questions.

I will be waiting to hear from you.


Precious Idahor is a certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming and Results Coach. She helps people to make their efforts be in congruence with their results. She is also the Executive Director of Women of Great Minds and Virtue(WGMV) and the convener of SHERO

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