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Is Nigeria a true Democratic State or not?

At some point in my life’s journey, I was the kind of guy that would not want to say anything concerning the state of the nation and her system of government.

I was the gentle boy who thought that being responsible was all about minding my business, pursuing my personal dreams and never mingling with anything that had to do with politics.

I actually believed as I was conditioned by societal factors that politics was and will continue to remain a dirty game that responsible people who cared about their integrity should never involve in.

In fact, being an African especially a Nigerian comes with its own religious perceptions of what being “modest” means.

In fair terms, I would say, it means playing small and being comfortable with smallness.

Modesty in this part of the world has been overrated and has caused more people to learn to adapt to even the most absurd things so that they will not be seen as over ambitious, too thirsty or desperadoes.

I remember a time in my life when I started speaking. While training, reading and developing content as a speaker, I never bothered to think of being paid for my skill. For me, like many other people that may be reading this, impacting my world was more important than being paid, yet I was in poverty, living with a hungry mother and two sisters who needed all the help they could get. I didn’t know to place a value on my expertise when I was dying silently in modesty.

I have counselled many entrepreneurs, writers, thought leaders, speakers and even social advocates and enterprises who are too afraid to charge for their skills and services because they have been conditioned to also think that if they put money in front, they will lose relationships and not grow or receive favour from individuals. So, startups who are supposed to make money from systems they have setup are rather doing free stuff and hoping to have someone bless them and make them “blow” as they continue to struggle.

This unfortunately is the state of a nation which marks her 58 years today. Nigeria.

While we claim to practice a Democratic System of government, our own democratic style is one of a social conditioning that teaches her people to be modest and never speak up but pray for things to change as the political class continues to loot the treasury of the nation, leaving the masses in abject poverty.

As a social crusader, I have wined and dined with the leading political class in my local government and as I do this, I understudy them and their behavioural thought patterns from time to time. I try to figure out where we have missed it as a nation and why our leaders are the way they are.

Our political system is teeming with a set of politicians who see politics as nothing else than a career path, with no mandate or vision or leadership skill to steer the ship for which they have been declared captains by rigging elections.

The citizenry are teeming with intellectuals and some of the brightest minds the world may ever know, but like me in childhood, who have also been taught that politics is a career, but a very dirty one at that which they should have nothing to do with. So, only young people who have vowed to be successful even if it means being dirty are conditioned to veer the political path and chose it as a career against the wish of even their loved ones.

As a result, we have politicians who have lost their loved ones to this choice career come into the system without care for who else they may be hurting but with the zeal to prove their family, friend and enemies that they can make it and that they know what they wanted when they made their initial choice defying all odds.

Having interviewed a number of politicians especially those who are currently serving at the corridors of power and leadership, I and my team have been disappointed countlessly to see unlearned individuals being community representatives at the local, state and federal levels. We see meetings in the state and national house of assembly packed with representatives who are fast asleep and even snoring while on seat to deliberate on critical issues that concerns the state of a people which they claim to lead; unable to even contribute anything for fear of not saying something wrong.

How daft!

These politicians in their smart dubious ways intentionally disempower and discourage intellectuals from being around them except for those they can control with their whims and caprices as their loyalists to prevent being questioned for their wrong leadership style.

We cannot continue like this as a people. We need to change the conditioning from the grassroots, right from the primary and secondary education.

Like the teaching, military, and force professions, politics needs to be painted as one of the most noble career paths to choose, while inculcating the need for strong values like integrity, vision driven, love and passion for patriotic duties in such sectors.

We also need to start redefining what it means to be modest as Africans. Smallness should be seen as a sin. Playing small should be considered a taboo and citizens need to arise to become involved in the affairs of a nation for which must not have policies and lack the infrastructures that would allow them dream big and hit it big in short periods.

It is an evil that we have learned to adapt to the worst of situations without asking for anything better, especially basic amenities like good road networks, water supply, stable electricity and fast accessible and cheap data/network services which is very paramount in this age for business development and growth.

Our democratic style is limiting and not empowering and we need to change that narrative as a people.

We need more intelligible citizens to join political parties so that flag bearers of our political parties won’t be daft people who are been rewarded by their godfathers for their loyalty in service for several years, but can still remain their puppet while in leadership positions.

Becoming involved, asking questions and throwing the term of modesty which has conditioned us to continue to adapt to inhumane acts and barbarism is our only saviour.

This nation can still be salvaged if we all awaken to this reality.

Nigeria can be great again, yet it lies in our hands to make it happen and not watch it happen because it may never happen if we continue to sit on the fence.

A New Ajegunle is possible.

A New Nigeria ispossibly possible.

A New Africa is possible.

Long live Ajegunle, long live Nigeria, long live Africa.

Happy 58th Independence Nigeria.

My name is Amb. Young Anyanwu, I am a personality development coach, consultant/strategist, the host of Step Up Conference ( a community and national development focused conference and one of the core pioneers/co-founder of the New Ajegunle Project ( focused on rewriting the narrative of the city of Ajegunle.


Precious Idahor is a certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming and Results Coach. She helps people to make their efforts be in congruence with their results. She is also the Executive Director of Women of Great Minds and Virtue(WGMV) and the convener of SHERO

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Is Nigeria a true Democratic State or not?