I attended PUSH with innocent Mind sometime ago in Lagos.

It was an amazing experience. I listened keenly as a beautiful and phenomenal lady (An NLP Trainer) Sunni Mallo shared her story of how she was really going through some unpleasant situations, her life at that point just not the way it should be everything seemed so wrong.

She needed money but wasn’t just getting it.

Do you how annoying it is that despite your big effort to move the rocks of life, you end up getting little or no results?

I know you can resonate with that.

Just like many of us would, she decided to change her environment.

Just maybe a change of environment, water and friends might spike the magic.

Can I shock you?

She successfully left to a more paradisal place than the former and everything became worse, 😳…


Now, so many persons actually think a change of environment or friends will do the magic forgetting that it is the same as you that is moving to that new place.

In other words, the environment became new,  your friends became new but YOU never became new.

You think you need money to make money,  you gotta go to college to make money hmmm…

My friend the change you seek doesn’t come from a magic the mind machine, you don’t have to invent something big before the change that you seek comes.

All you need is a change of MINDSET.

You can’t achieve possibility with the mind of impossibility..

You can’t enter Canaan with Egypt’s way of thinking.

Improve yourself, Invest in yourself, develop yourself,  ‘become’ the person that wants to be great.

80% of wealth is psychological,  let that sink!!!

I hope you got value from reading this today.

Move with this mindset henceforth and trust your life will not be the same again.

Do you want to know how to get a mind to revamp? Then, send a message across to us.


Precious Idahor is a certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming and Results Coach. She helps people to make their efforts be in congruence with their results. She is also the Executive Director of Women of Great Minds and Virtue(WGMV) and the convener of SHERO

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  2. keMefa Christian

    This is good. God’s grace abounds.

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  4. edosa

    Cool piece. With more life stories and a heart ready to impact, I don’t think anything can limit your rise.

    1. Precious

      Thank you so much Mr Edosa. I deeply appreciate this.

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