Precious Idahor is the Executive Director and Chief Consultant of PI Coaching and Resource Centre. She is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming, Performance consultant Result coach. She is an Amazon best-selling author of two books titled “A guide to self mastery” and “The Beauty of Pain”.

Precious is a Mental Health Practitioner and Psychotherapist at the Mental Health Mall, the one-stop for mental health and Africa’s first Online Therapy Platform.

In 2017, she founded a non governmental organization Women of Great Minds and Virtue whose vision is to inspire and raise young ladies to become the best version of themselves and maintain their self worth and dignity. This is achieved through various empowerment programmes one of which is the SHERO Hangout.

She is a Business Consultant at Mexxon Properties and Enterprises. She has worked as a volunteer with several organizations, one of which was The Youngstars Development Initiative where she got involved in a 30-day Self Esteem Challenge for young females and was awarded beautifully.

She is popularly called Coach P.I also runs a coaching firm where she coaches people on how to make their efforts be in congruence with their results using tools from Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neurological Repatterning, and Performance Consultancy where she is certified.

She has organized a series of master classes one of which was the Self Mastery Business Class which launched participants into self awareness, discovery and actualization.

She is an international award winning coach and speaker. She has received several awards one of which is the Nation Building -Change Agent award by Jamie Pajoel International for her contribution towards Community development in Nigeria. She was interviewed on Tsl Nig TV where she spoke on “the new waves of women empowerment” and “overcoming pain”, you can catch the replay of the interview on Tsl Nig Tv YouTube page.  She has also been featured on several blogs and magazines and social media platforms like the Elora’s blog where she shared her inspiring story.

(, Naijawoman Magazine, a brand dedicated towards celebrating the life and achievements of Nigerian women; and in doing so, inspiring others.

Her passion is to help, inspire and mentor young persons to be the very best version of themselves, equipping them with the knowledge of self mastery and mindset reprogramming.

Precious is a graduate of Accounting from the prestigious University of Benin and currently works with Pal Pensions as an Internal Auditor.


My name is Precious Esohe Idahor. I grew up in a family of seven with four siblings including my parents of which I am the second child.

I was born into a family where everything I needed was provided by my parents, though it wasn’t that easy for them but they made sure we never lacked anything. My parents are disciplinarians especially my father. My parents believe in hard work and will always motivate us to succeed in whatever we do.

While growing up, I was aware of the great potentials I have. I knew I was meant for the top, I knew I was a solution to the world, I always knew I was more, something kept telling me that but I always had a way of shunning it. I had a limiting belief that made me reach some limiting decisions, I was afraid. This time, it wasn’t the fear of failure but the fear of success. I was afraid of being seen because I had the notion that it had something to do with showing off. I was concerned about what people will say if they see me doing things I really want to do which was to impact lives. I needed permission, someone to endorse me.

These battles kept happening in my mind. The limiting belief kept me in the dark for quite a long time that I decided to be doing a one-on-one conversation with people so I won’t show off. Hmm…

Lesson Learnt: If you think you know, and no one, or just a few persons in your circle knows that you know, I put it to you that you know nothing. Whatever you focus on becomes your reality.

The fear of success and playing small became my reality even though it wasn’t what I really wanted for myself but I kept experiencing it because that was what I was focusing on.

Even when I had the urge and push to talk at some point, a limiting voice would arise because that was my focus. During these periods funny enough, I still had friends who came to me for advice and I will do excellently well. Got positive feedbacks from those I talked to but after then, the battle within continues.

This kept happening or occurring over and over again until I met my saviour which was- abortion, and that was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Prior to that, I had gone for many seminars, conferences, programs etc but nothing happened until I made a decision. Yes, I made the decision to be present in my life. I made the decision to push beyond the boundaries & limitations holding me and decided to discharge my gifts and talents. I decided to break away from my shell (low self-esteem). It was the decision I made that changed my life forever.

Friends, your decisions determine your destiny. That is one of the most profound thing that has formed me. I gave myself the permission to evolve. See, when you know what you want, you won’t be confused. When you get tired of the chair you are sitting on, no one would convince you to stand up, you will jump up and move.

Whatever painful experience you may have gone through or you are going through now, if you do not carryout an abortion and get your learnings from it, it would continue to remain a painful experience. The moment you get your positive learnings from it and start inspiring others with it, you start living.

Truth is I know so many of you can relate to my story, it may be the fear of failure or success. Whichever it is, it is fear and it is your focus, then it would become your reality. You need someone to permit you to move before you move, really? You are still in that shell thinking of what people would say, really? Do you still feel or think that massive success is made for some certain persons? Are you still there being forced to do what you really don’t want to be? Are you still considering playing small, leaving the sky for who?

Who have you left your sheep for? Who else is capable of feeding your sheep the way you would? Sweetheart, become the master of your life, choose to be present and not absent in your lofe, surprise your limitations that has held you bound, challenge your perceived limitations.

What are you pregnant with? Is it low self-esteem, pride, anger, envy, pain from abuse, rape or even more? It is time to get an abortion!!!  Stop blaming people for how bad your life has turned. People are doing the best they can with what they know and with the resources at their disposal.

You are not to blame for where you are but you are responsible. It is time to be free, be responsible for your freedom, you should be steering the wheel of the bus of life. Regardless of your situation, economy, background, past mistakes, I decide to be great, I do not deny that these problems are there but I choose not to stay there, I choose not to live with it! Blame disempowers, responsibility empowers choose to be responsible today.

When you become present in your life, it puts you at a state where you now pay attention to everything that goes on in your life. Nothing i repeat nothing no longer happens to you by chance but you would become more intentional about growth, upgrade and success. You will now determine what comes in and goes out of your life. You will now become more intentional about even the friends you keep and everything you do. Today, I am a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistics programing and Result coach. A personality development strategist and I help others to become the best version of themselves. There is more to me. All these happened because I permit myself. Permit yourself today!



It is usually of great joy to me seeing young persons live the life they desire, as it is success to one who gets his desires achieved. I have an ardent passion to inspire, motivate and help people discover themselves and gain self mastery.

Thus far, I noticed that lots of persons do not yet know the reason for their existence and some others are busy living the dream of others, neglecting what they really want thereby living unfulfilled lives. This motivated me into setting up an organization where I can reach out to a great number of young persons and help them live their dream life and live happily.

I organize therapy sessions and self mastery classes for those who really are intentional about their personal development journey and would like to become present in their lives. The moment you become present in your life, the game changes. Everything becomes your responsibility and nothing your fault. I can also coach you on how your efforts in business, relationships, academics etc can be in congruence with your results. I do this with a passion to see that you become the best version of yourself and maximize your full potentials because I believe that nobody is meant for below. Whatever you think you are, you are always more than that.

Welcome on board!




I value and believe in self development at its peak. The  greatest investment any

one can ever be involved in with guaranteed huge profitable returns is the investment in self. It cannot be over emphasised. This belief is part of what has formed my decisions to always be better than the way I used to be. For every win I get, I rejoice and strive to be better because I know that I am more. I believe that whatever I think I am, I am always more than that.

Volunteering enables you to gain profitable experience. The benefit of volunteering cannot be over emphasised as great knowledge is gotten by so doing. Meeting new persons, learning from them and keeping those persons is one thing I greatly value. Networking is not just about meeting new persons but keeping those persons that you meet.

This is what I take in great esteem. I am a woman of great integrity and dignity. I value self respect and ability to go for what I want.